2010 Tracking Test

2010 Tracking Test


Congratulations to new TD:

Coastwynds Cinema Rose Parade

DN09304401  12/28/2004  Breeders/Owners: Mike and Eileen Hudak
and Mikki Capparelli-Lally , Junction City, OR
Belgian Tervuren (Bitch): By CH Cinema Sweet Tooth CD RE x CH Cinema Evening Star

Congratulations to new TD:

Fowl Play Life in the Fast Lane

SR56527802  05/28/09 Breeder: Jennifer and Michael Stanley
Flat Coat Retriever (Dog) By CH Windraider’s of Legend’n Song x Fowl Play Just Hear for the Party JH. Owner Jeanne & Thomas Thompson, Florence, OR

I didn’t get a picture as the owner from California needed to head south quickly ahead of the storm, but a HUGE Congratulations to

New VST – New CT

OTCH MACH Coppertop Winter Shenanigans UDX4 TDX

SN606004-01 01/03/99  Breeder: Terry L Southeard & Steven A Southard

Golden retriever (Bitch) By Emberain Jelly’s First Jam, UD TD JH MX MXJ x Coppertop Cayenne UD TDX JH AX AXJ

Owner: Cynthia A Hult, Elk Grove, CA

Visit Shana’s webpage at Coppertop.net.

News! VCCH at SOKC Tracking Test

The Southern Oregon Kennel Club had it’s 27th annual Tracking Test on April 4th in
White City, Oregon. The weather was supposed to be awful but aside from the wind,
held off on the major storm until all the tracks were done.

In the 2 VST Test, passing was an 11 year old Golden Retriever, OTCH, MACH
Coppertop Winter Shenanigans UDX4, TDX to become a VCCH! The bitch was handled
by Cynthia Hult of Elk Grove, California. Special congratulations to the team!

Not passing VST was a Manchester Terrier (dog).

In the 3 TDX Test we did not have any passes. The three dogs entered had
the weather against them when it became very windy with really serious gusts.
They all basically followed the tracks well and showed they certainly were capable
and will pass soon. The dogs were a Flat Coated Retriever (dog), and two Belgian
Malinois, (dogs).

In the 2 TD Test, both dogs passed; Flat Coated Retriever, Fowl Play Life in the
Fast Line,
handled by Jeanne Thompson. I understand this was a first TD Test for the team.
The other passing TD dog was Belgian Tervuren, Coastwynds Cinema Rose Parade, Owner,
Mike and Eileen Hudak and Mikki Caparelli-Lally. Congratulations to both TD passes.

Our wonderful judges were Sil Sanders and Marge Schultz who plotted interesting and
challenging but fair tracks. Thank you both.

No Test can be held without good tracklayers. Ours were superb and without a glitch.
Our thanks go to Tracklayers in the TD, Herb Childs and Ken Bergeson; in the TDX,
Rona Barnes, Kathy Haskins and Carolyn Cannon; Chief X track layer Georlene Hodges
and co-crosstrack layer Becky Haier; in the VST, Nancy Aiken and Lane Harden.

Thanks go to our Test Secretary, Elisabeth Lambert, for keeping the entries in order.

We all finished the day with a wonderful lunch, as usual provided by longtime
supporter, Evelyn King. Thanks, Evelyn, it was great, both days!

Paulena Verzeano, Tracking chair

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