Standing Rules

Southern Oregon Kennel Club, Inc


Standing Rules are those rules that relate to the details of an organizations administration.
They are rules adopted to cover day-to-day workings and should be used in conjunction
with the Constitution and By-Laws to offer continuity of the organizations government.


1.  The Club colors shall be forest green and gold.

2.  The Club shall hold a general meeting each month except by agreement of a majority of the board.

3.  The Club shall publish and make available on the website monthly minutes report with summary of the last month’s minutes and notice of date, time, location and calendar of events for the next month’s meeting.

4.  A short meeting for elections shall be held in December with a Holiday Party to follow.


1.  Any decision requiring a change in, or setting aside of, any adopted policy or Standing Rule of the Club may be proposed at any meeting but may not be voted upon sooner than the next regular (General) meeting.  This applies only to procedures – not every order of business.  The monthly minutes will print an explanation of the proposed change for the benefit of absentees.

2.  All matters to be voted upon by the membership at any meeting will be presented to the President and placed on the agenda prior to the Board meeting for that month.

3.  Questions requiring immediate decisions because of time constraints, may be determined by a majority vote of the members in attendance at a regular or specially called membership meeting, and will be effective for that single situation only.

4.  The current Officers and Committee Chairs will make a Calendar of proposed events for the year.  This Calendaris to be presented by the February meeting.

5.  The following Committee Appointments are to be made by the February Meeting:

1.  Annual Show Chair for the following year

2.  Match

3. Awards

4. Repair and Maintenance

5. Program & Special Events

6. Historian & Librarian

7. Public Relations and Publicity

8.  Legislation Information


1.  All Chairs, elected or appointed, are responsible for the selection and function of their committees.  If the Chair cannot effectively complete their term, it is their responsibility to get help or ask to be replaced.  If they cannot effectively perform the duties of the committee and do not resign, the Membership may, after giving written notice of their intent, appoint a replacement.

2.  All Committee Chairs are to prepare a written report at the end of the Club year to be passed on to the incoming Committee appointees.  This report will contain all information about the committee activities during the  previous year, including a financial accounting of any funds collected or spent.  This report will be turned in to the incoming President at the  Februarymeeting.

3.  Each committee needing one will have a beginning budget with which to handle the responsibilities of their committee.  The budget will vary according to the need.  When funds are used, the Treasurer will deduct the amount from the budget.  If all funds are used before the end of the Club year, and if money is needed, the Committee Chair will submit a request to the Board with the reason why the additional money is required. Because of IRS requirements, vouchers for all purchases, with receipts attached, are to be filled out and turned in to the Treasurer indicating what the Club money was used for.  Funds from the yearly budgeted amount need not have prior approval for payment; however, vouchers must always be filed.

4. The number of people on each committee, other than the Committee Chair will be decided by the Committee Chair or, in certain cases, the Constitution.

5.  All Standing Committee Chairs are to provide the Secretary and President with updated copies of all guidelines and procedures when changes are made.


1.  The Show Committee shall consist of Show Chair and Assistant Show/Obedience Chair,  along with such other members the Committee deems necessary for the operation of the Show

2. The Show Chair will choose his/her committee, including the Judges selection committee, subject to Board approval.

3.  It is suggested that the Assistant Show Chair be in charge of any Breed Specialties and/or Special events or attractions at the show.

4.  The Show Chair will make any and all decisions pertaining to the Show within the structure of the rules and the Constitution.  He or she will bring to the Membership, whenever possible, any questions that might involve changes in policy or tradition.  In the event that time does not allow a group decision, a poll of the Board will be made and that decision will be considered binding for that show only.

5.  There will be at least three (3) Show Committee meetings prior to the show.

6.  All Show Committee persons will make a written report to the Show Chair which will include a financial summary of any funds for which the committee is responsible, i.e., trophies, catalog, ads, parking, etc.  The Show Chair will complete these reports and include this information in their written “Year End” report.  This report will be turned in to the President, with a copy being given to the Corresponding Secretary, and a copy for the next year’s Show Chair.  All show records will be kept in the Club’s file.  The financial accounting report will be included with an additional copy given to the Treasurer.

7.  It is recommended that the following awards be considered as “standard”, which Southern Oregon Kennel Club, Inc. will be responsible regardless of donations:


Best In Show, High In Trial, High Combined in Open and Utility  – These awards shall be considered to be of equal stature and the prizes to be commensurate with the win.
Best Jr. Handler, Best Brace (Or Other Special Class) – These awards shall be considered to be of equal stature and the prizes to be commensurate with the win.
First in each Group
Rosettes: Group Placements (4) and First place in each Regular Obedience Class and Rally Obedience Class.

8.  No trophy will be acknowledged or purchased for any person unless paid for by the deadline set by the Show Committee.  No person indebted to the Club will be allowed to donate a trophy.

9. The following persons will neither enter nor exhibit at the show: judges’ selection committee members.


1.  The Match Committee will consist of Match Chair along with such other committee members the Chairs deem necessary for the operation of the Match.

2.  The Match Chair will make all decisions for the match within the structure of the Constitution and Rules.

3.  All Judges will be selected by the Match Chair and/or the Committee.

4.  The classes to be offered are at the discretion of the Match Committee.

5.  Trophies will be given at the discretion of the Match committee, however, Southern Oregon Kennel Club, Inc., will assure that at least the Best In Match (Puppy and Adult), High in Match, High Combined in Open and Utility and Best Jr. Showman trophies are given. Ribbons are to be given for Group Placements (Puppy & Adult) and first place in all regular Obedience classes.  All other Awards are to be given according to AKC Match Rules.  Donations are encouraged.

6. A written report, including a financial accounting, will be made by the Match Chair and turned in to the President with a copy going to the Treasurer.  This should be done as soon as possible following the Match.


1.  All records and books of Southern Oregon Kennel Club, Inc., shall be audited by three (3) club members one of whom is a Board Member, at least once a year between the December and January meetings as per the Constitution.  The Treasurer shall be bonded, the expense to be born by the Club.

2.  A written report of this Audit is to be given to the President and filed with the Secretary.


1.  This Committee is comprised of non-Board Members only and shall be responsible for all awards presented at the Awards Banquet.

2.   Standing Awards are to be as follows:  The fiscal year for Awards only, shall run from October 1 through September 30.  Any AKC title, or other Nationally recognized title, earned during this fiscal year is eligible for an award.

3.  The Committee shall recommend the nature and types of awards to be considered for that year, at the August meeting.  Any nominations for any special awards must be submitted, in writing, and be in the hands of the committee by September 30.

4.  No Associate Member will be eligible for any award.  No one in debt or under obligation to the Club will be eligible for any award.

5.  The committee shall be responsible for collecting all nominations and information regarding awards.  Further, a form will be made available to the membership on which to list any eligible titles completed and will be responsible for all letters and other paperwork connected with obtaining Special Awards.

6. Anyone wishing to nominate a member for a special award, must do so within the dates and times listed above.

7. The annual written report of this Committee will include a list of all awards (standard and special) given that year and must include a financial accounting given to the President and the Treasurer.


1.  This Chair shall be appointed no later than January, two years preceding the show for which he/she is to select Judges.

2.  The Committee Chair shall appoint any number of people necessary for the operation of this committee.

3.  This Committee will be responsible for the selection of all Judges for any point shows.  All breed, group, obedience, Jr. Showmanship assignments will be made by this committee.

4.  This Committee will have the option of making all arrangements with, and for, the Judges of the Southern Oregon Kennel Club, Inc., shows; and any other Clubs sharing the Judges.

5.  This Chair will submit the names of the Judges, addresses and proposed assignments to the Show Chair for consultation.

6.  This Committee will provide names, addresses, phone numbers and assignments of each Judge to the Hospitality Chair, the Transportation coordinate and also a list of the Judges and their fees to the Treasurer.

7. Members of this Committee will neither enter nor exhibit at the show for which they have selected judges.


1.  The Committee Chair will appoint a committee to make, and keep current an inventory of all equipment belonging to the Club.  A complete list of inventory will be posted in the trailer.

2.  The equipment will be checked at least one (1) month before each Show or Match to be sure everything is in good repair.  They will arrange to have any necessary repairs made.

3. The Committee will consult with the Show or Match chairs as to what will be needed for their event and will assist in getting the necessary equipment to the event site.  They will also see that all of the equipment is returned to the club trailer at the end of the event.

4.  The Committee will make recommendations for any additional equipment needed and their annual report will list any new equipment, the date purchased, and the cost.  This report will include reference to any equipment they feel will need replacement or major repairs in the upcoming year.

5.  This Committee will be responsible for seeing that NO member or other individual or group removes equipment from the Club Trailer for use other than at Club Matches or Shows, without written permission from the Board of Directors.


1.   This Chair will arrange for some type of Educational or Informative program at least four (4) times during each calendar year.

2.  A time limit for such programs should be established between the Committee and the President.

3.  An announcement in the Minutes will be sent, describing the nature and type of program for each meeting where a program will be offered.

4.  Provide proper equipment and location (if necessary) for any program.

5.  Create and maintain a file of possible programs for the future, list names, addresses, costs involved, etc., for reference.

6.  Assist in any Special Events such as Awards Banquet.


1.  This Chair will maintain the Club Scrapbook and see that it is kept up to date.  It should be available for membership inspection at each general meeting.


3.  This Chair will be responsible for the care of all books belonging to the Club including scrapbooks and the photo album with winners pictures from any club events.

4.  As a part of this Chair’s Annual Report, a complete list of the books and publications belonging to the Club will be made along with suggestions for additions to the Club’s Library.


1.   This committee is in charge of all advertising and publicity covering all Club activities.  The Chair of each event should submit their information to this Chair in a timely manner.

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