About SOKC

The Southern Oregon Kennel Club is an all-breed dog club centered in Medford, Oregon.  It is a non-profit organization formed by a dedicated group of dog fanciers in 1948.

The club was founded to protect the interests of purebred dogs, to do all in its power to advance the interests of all breeds of purebred dogs, and to promote good sportsmanship at American Kennel Club events.  The club is a member club with the American Kennel Club and is also a member of the American Dog Owners Association.

The diverse interests of our members are reflected by the many activities in which our club participates.  We are licensed by the American Kennel Club to hold dog shows, obedience trials including Rally, tracking tests, and lure coursing events.  Our members are not required to own a dog, they just need the desire to further the advancement of dogs within the community.

The membership of SOKC consists of approximately 50 dog lovers.  These members own and represent many different breeds of dogs.  Most members participate in one or more of the following areas: conformation shows, obedience trials including Rally, tracking, agility, lure coursing, pet assisted therapy, canine ambassadors, weight pulls, carting, and doggie freestyle.

We support and encourage members to rescue dogs within their own breeds and some members also give ongoing assistance to our local animal shelters.

Several of our members are local, national, and/or international dog show judges.

Every Year, SOKC sponsors:

  • Two AKC sanctioned All-Breed conformation shows and obedience trials, including Rally.
  • An AKC sanctioned Tracking Test in April of each year and training sessions in the fall and winter.
  • A Responsible Dog Owner’s Event in September.
  • Guest speakers at many of our meetings.

We invite anyone interested in learning more about dogs to attend any of our events or our monthly meetings.  The meetings are generally held the first Wednesday of each month.

We now welcome mixed breeds and “designer” breeds at our Obedience and Rally trials.

Policy Statement Adopted 2004.

In the interest of pure-bred dogs and their health and well-being, the Southern Oregon Kennel Club believes it is not in the best interest of dogs to breed for the retail market.  Therefore, the Southern Oregon Kennel Club will not support the sale of companion animals at retail outlets such as pet stores, or to any person acting as a puppy broker, or at auction.

The history of our original logo

The statue portrayed in our logo was dedicated to the City of Medford by Callie Plamm in memory of her husband Charles and depicts him with their two spaniels. It was placed in Alba Park in 1934 so that the dogs of Medford would have a place to drink. The next time you visit the downtown post office located at 333 W Eighth Street in Medford, take a short walk across the street into Alba Park to see the statue.  Think of the Plamms and their concern for the dogs of our city.

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