Dogs in Ashland Parks

Cutting dogs some slack | (click to see entire article)

ASHLAND — The Ashland Parks and Recreation Department will loosen some of its rules banning dogs from most developed parks as soon as workers can install waste bag stations and signs notifying people of the changes.



Dogs are not allowed in Lithia Park or North Mountain Park.

Dogs must be on a leash 6 feet long or less in neighborhood parks.

  • Dogs can walk along sidewalks and paved paths, and up to 6 feet off the edge of the hard surfaces.
  • Dog owners must keep their pets on a leash and keep the leash in their possession.
  • Dog owners must carry bags to clean up dog waste immediately.
  • Failure to clean up the waste can result in a fine of $200 per violation.
  • The changes are on a one-year trial basis.

Handling Classes

We are holding weekend handling practices at the Robert Pfaff Park in Central Point. Meet at the Northwest corner of the park at the corner of 6th and Laurel. Time 10:00 a.m. All breeds, ages, and experience levels (dogs and handlers) are welcome.

For more information contact Janice O’Neill at (

Molly says “Come and play with us!”

For more information contact Janice O’Neill at or phone 541-664-6061.

These pictures were from our March 14th practice, taken by Kathie Ordal. Thanks!