New meeting location: Twin Creeks Retirement Home’s “Our Town Hall”.  Check in with the front desk.  

888 Twin Creeks Crossing, Central Point.  


A message from SOKC President Vicky Cook

Dear members,

I hope this note finds you all well!

In this time of stay at home and stay well, we will not be having in person meetings. We can have BOD meetings on line to take care of any immediate business. I believe we can begin our in person meetings again as soon at the SIP is lifted by our Governor. Sort of planning for June.

Meanwhile, if any of you need masks to wear when you do go out, please email me

Vicki Paxton has made some masks for us to use. We should be wearing masks and gloves each time we venture out to shop.

Meanwhile, Warren has some news for you:



Dear Fellow Members:

I have been informed by AKC Events that we are going to be allowed a third day of Conformation, 30 October 2020.

This is the result of a long term investment in effort and time from a team that advised the All Breeds Committee of the AKC Delegate Body. The team was comprised of  seven Delegates and Show Chairs from all corners of the country. We need to thank everyone for their work on this which started with my post on the Delegates’ Forum about the plight of small Clubs and small shows, and was presented as a problem to two Delegate General Meetings.  

This is one solution, and it fits well with Southern Oregon Kennel Club needs. Congratulations to all SOKC Members that have stuck with us in these challenging times. 

Warren Cook,

Delegate, Southern Oregon Kennel Club.



Meeting Schedule for 2020 (tentative):

June            No meeting

July 1          Wednesday

August 5        Wednesday

September 1     Tuesday

October 7       Wednesday

November 4      Wednesday

December 2      Wednesday







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